Saturday, December 06, 2008


My first entry to a blog event .I hope i can make it in time as i jsut have a day to make it.

The picture i have here is called a "TAKOYAKINABE" in it as (thaa- ko -yaa -ki-na-bae)

Place of origin is Japan.I got it from a local store in tokyo.
What do i use it for ?
Answer is simple to make appo or appe or Paddu or Paniyaram.
As i did not carry any appe kayli (kayli means pan in konkani) or the authentic pan for making appe,this has been my saviour.I have been using it make hot appes for breakfast .Which will be the next post i guess.As i didnt have much time.I was only able to make for the event which required only what i posesses in my kitchen.

In japan they use it to make "Takoyaki" meaning octopus dumplings .I know how it sounds ,well when it comes to seafood japanese love it all. There's also a saying that Japanese eat everything that swims or lives under the sea.And takoyaki is a delicacy here. You can knw more through this link
Well until now i have not tasted it though its a favorite street food here. And i am never going to attempt. The way they arrange it on a long plate with bonito flakes garnished on them,and adding some sauce to italways reminds me of panipuri stalls back in india.I miss the aroma spilling out of those tiny stalls and the palatte they have.

This post here I am sending it to Dibs ,to the kitchen treasure hunt event held by chitra amma's kitchen .