Saturday, November 10, 2007

kharjoor laddu

Dont they look yummy.I had a pack of fresh dates ,in my fridge from a long time.The reason i got it was to keep my overactive son's energy levels satisfied.We used to eat a lot of kharjoor when kids.Mom would heat a whole big tablespoon of ghee in a pan and add karjoor to it,saute for about two to three minutes,and serve it.we would wait eagerly for the hot crispy dates.well the case here was a bit son nibbled a bit and put his little tongue out .Pointing me to take out the not so good stuff i finally thought of searching for recipes using fresh dates.I got one tried it and it was a big hit.
Fresh dates-1 cup 0r 25 chopped.
sugar -1/2 cup
dry fruits i used- almonds,walnuts and cashewnuts.or any nuts of ur choice-all summing abt 1/4 cup all together.
poppy seeds-2 big spoons
rice puffs-1 cup
coconut powder-1 spoon ,just for rolling laddoos.
butter-50 g
cinnamon powder
cardamom powder
Arrange the required items near ur stove.Take a thick bottomed pan.Heat the butter .As the butter melts add chopped dates to it.let it cook for two add sugarto it.when it starts to have bubbles stir it finely so the dates are turn into paste.add all the dry nuts.mix add the poopy seeds.mix it again.switch off the stove and add the puffed rice ot it.mix it well.and when it cools a bit make small balls of it.roll them in dry coconut powder.And they ready to be eaten.U can store them for a week or so.
And this just went in my son's mouth without much effort.He asked them daily till they were no more left.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Summer is about to cool.autumn is on the threshold.our gang planned a trip to a a beautiful blessed place called shimizu.i never knew that such a beautiful place existed near has hotsprings,breathtaking landscape,beauty explained in all ways.this place is also a famous skiing spot.a rejuvenating feeling for the i am not exaggerating.its so true.and above all the inn whichwe stayed ,was owned by more beautiful ,warm hearted people.reminded me of home.all in all i am still in the awe of this blessed place .

Friday, August 17, 2007



Its peak summer in tokyo now.And we are bored with regular food stuff.sunday i made a simple pizza and it was yummy.well as i had got pizza base almost 2 days early ,i didnt do shopping fo rhte required toppings.lazy summer u see.i just used the frozen stuff for toppings.the pizza sauce was the real hero as it made the pizza real hit.i did it on Tava as i found it easier than the oven.and the crust became real's wat all u need to make this simple recipe.

Pizza base-1
Any topppings of ur choice.
chopped onion,peas,corn,olives,sauteed panir chunks,bell peppers etc.
mozarella cheese-200 g

For the sauce
Ripe tomato-1 pureed
tomato sauce-1/4 th cup
green chilli-1
oregano-a pinch
garlic flakes - 4 chopped
onion-1 small finely chopped
olive oil -1 tbsp
butter-1 tsp

For this u need a flat fry that the pizza base can be put in and removed easliy.not too deep also.
here's the method fro the sauce,

Heat olive oil in a pan.add it melts add garlic flakes.saute till raw smell goes.add green chilli ,add finely chopped onions.fry till transparent.add pureed tomato.saute.add tomato sauce,mix well and let it cook fro 3 minutes.till the sauce thickens .add oregano.mix well.remove and keep in a jar.u can make it more in volume and refrigerate for a week.

Now that the sauce is ready.take the pizza base,apply the sauce all over the base.spread peas ,corns over take handfull of cheese and put it all over the base.spread the toppings again,if u want.
keep the pan for making pizza on the stove.keep the flame mild.drizzle a teaspoonfull of olive oil inside the pan.spread it .slowly lay the pizza base over it.cover it with a not disturb for 3 min.check if its ,all the cheese should melt like in the pic.wola veggie pizza is ready .

Friday, July 27, 2007

It happens only in Japan.

I picked this topic as most of my friends began forwarding a mail showing some pics about japan.wierd i mean.That mail would be for fun.i liked the heading so just did COPY PASTE.

There are really certain things that happen only in japan and they are endless i feel.

The best is cleanliness.mannerisms,preserving public property,carrying a friendly face.and ofcourse following the rules.

yes they stand in queue wherever necessary.they dnt pick fights in the middle of the street.they dont spit wherever they like.and its more secure.if u forget anything of value by chance in a park one evening ,u find it there untouched till next evening.i hope that happens only in japan.vendors always welcome u with "irrashaimase"thats wat they say to welcome for every customer and thank you ,every time .they do it from morning till night.thay carry a smile on their face allthe time.that happens only in japan.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A picnic

Spring has finally arrived in tpkyo,its almost summer now.we all had been to Chichibu flower garden .It is a huge flower garden where flowers of different colors but of same family are grown .It is about an hour and half train journey from tokyo.My family and some of my close freinds had a great's a beautiful photo of that place.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

keerla upkari

Keerla Upkari

Its kirla season here in japan.its called "takenoko"in japanese,"bamboo shoot" in english,"keerlu" in i got them and made a whole lot of dishes with them.konkanis use it to make sanna polo(spicy dosa),kirla nonche(pickle),curry and gravies.i managed to make some like this upkari and one pickle.

all u need is one smal bamboo shoot,with the outer leaves removed,chopped finely and soaked in water for 12 hours .change the water every 4 hours.this u remove the hardness or whatever rawness it has.
the bamboo shoot is ready.other option is to give it a boil with salt and disrad the water my japnese frends do it.anyway is fine.

things u need:
bamboo shoot
oil -for seasoning
mustard -1/4 tsp
coconut scraped-2 sp(frozen or fresh)
tamarind -little
curry leaves-few
salt as per ur taste

grind greenchilli,coconut and tamrind to coarse paste.
heat oil in pan ,add mustard,curry leaves for seasoning.add chopped bamboo shoot.saute
for a minute and add the paste to it.add salt and cook till bamboo is soft.
serve it hot with rice and dal.