Saturday, November 11, 2006

Broccoli soya bhaji

Broccolli soya bhaji

This sabji is easy and comes up quite good.for all those who turn nose on brocolli u'l love it.this is all u need,

Brocolli florets-1 cup(cleaned in cold water)
soya chunks -1/2 cup
tomato-1/2 chopped
jeera-1/2 tsp
dhania pdr-1 tsp
chiili pdr-1/4 tsp
garam masala pdr-1/4 tsp
oil -for seasoning
salt for taste
First soak the soya chunks in hotwater for 10 min,add lil salt .squeeeze and remove the chunks from water .wash in cold water ,squeeze and remove .
in a pan add oil fro seasoning,add jeera as its done add chilli pdr.add tomatoes and saute.add brocolli pieces,dhania pdrand mix slowly.add the soya chunks,garam masala pdr,salt.close the lid.add little water ,as brocolli leaves water when salt added while cooking.close lid and let it cook for 5 to 8 min or till the brocolli is cooked.serve hot with phulka.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

old time

Yes old times. I hated going to school especially after holidays and growing i came to know everybody felt the same.i didnt know any cooking then but wud watch amma cooking.
amma is a superb cook she keeps inventing new dishes and none of them are failures.
my case is if i start to invent i cook something that cannot be forgotten,yes u wud phewk just thinking of frends at school wud grab my tiffin to see wat was amma's today always i wud get my tiffin half empty.even the normal rulav(upma)wud be superb .thats how it became my favourite.i still don't know how to make that tasty rulav till date.i remember frenz dropping by and amma preparing delicious yummy snacks in a jiffy.kudos to her innovative partof her brain.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lunch box recipe

Protien pulav and tofu gravy

For pulav
Fresh Cooked rice-1 cup
Jeera-1/4 sp
cinnamon-small piece
haldi-a pinch
dhania pdr-1 tsp
fresh or frozen veggies like peas,corn,carrot cubes-1/4 cup
green chilli-1 (i like it mild)

this is a low fat ricedish so try to make it in non stick kadai,with lid.
heat oil in kadai,add jeera as it splutters add cinnamon then chilli,then onion saute'.
add the veggis saute' ,add haldi ,dhania pdr,salt required for the veg ,mix well add the rice ,add salt to taste and close the lid.let it cook for 2 min.
(u can sprinkle lil water if the rice gets to char.then close the lid.)

and for the tofu gravy

tofu -1/2 cup cut into cubes(i mean the tofu not the cup).
tomato-1/4 chopped
chilli pdr-1/4 tsp
onion-1/4 chopped
corn starch or corn flour-1 tsp mix it in lil water to make soln.
salt -as per taste.
oil-1 tsp
mustard-1/4 tsp
water-1/2 cup

heat oil in pan ,add mustard when it splits add onion, saute .
add chilli pdr,tomato ,saute for a min.
add tofu cubes mix once ,add salt,water .close lid for a min.
when water boils add corn starch soln and mix .cook for a min or 2 .

u can also make this a dry dish with panner instead of tofu,but wat abt the fat.that's left to u.all u have to do is skip the cornstarch part when doing with paneer.
so tell me how it turns.

Ya my story continues.we met some really cool frends here who made things easy for me. like going to supermarkets and going thru a range of milk cartons like full fat ,low fat,non fat ,extreme thick u get thick paneer from that differentiate between palak and radish leaves and god knows what leaves which looks like a twin of palak and crunchy even if u steam,boil or just rot . i began to slowly start to like this place called tokyo where people are fond to walk ,use trains ,and smile if u see them.yes i liked the people most ,felt like i was home.this is an old snap of a street in nakano where we stayed for some time,coming to tokyo.hope u like it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

breadda usli

breadda usli
hey now something of my choice,yes food.Let me post my all time favorite Bread usli.easy and
these r the ingredients
bread-6 slices
green chillies-2
sugar - 1/2 tsp
salt - 1/2 sp
buttermilk-1/4 cup(if u have curd make it dilute by adding water)
urad dal-1/4 sp
coriander leaves-as much u like as its optional
garam masala-1/4 tsp
haldi pdr-a pinch
mustard-1/4 tsp
onion-1/2 chopped finely
oil-for seaoning.

chop bread into cubes and heap them.
add sugar,salt to the buttermilk.
heat oil in kadai,some like it with ghee,but i'm bit no to ghee,diet u then add mustard ,when it splutters add split green chilli,urad dal.saute till urad turns to light brown,add curry leaves,onion and saute till onion is transparent.add haldi pdr,then the bread, garam masala pdr.mix them well. meanwhile dont forget to put the teapan onthe gas.start making tea.back to breada usli,add the buttermilk soln to the bread pouring it all over the bread cubes.mix once and close the lid for 2 open the lid and add chopped coriander its ready.hey serve it with hot ginger tea.
PS:u can add more oil ,for seasoning ,to get a crispy dish.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Our flight landed narita airport on a wintery evening of tokyo.a new place ,new country we boarded the airport limousine,to tread a 2 hour journey to our destination,nakano-tokyo. got settled and slowly began to explore this wonderplace called tokyo.
To begin everything here was ,to put in my words " wierd".The way people bow,their fashion sense,the way the young crowd dresses and theirhairstyle ofcourse,.i'l post every detai as i remember.
Now a bit of flashback:I have memories of japan thru a serial aired on DD long time back named "Oshin" ,i dont know how many remember that serial,but i remember it very well as i was named oshin by my maam,and other close ones for the hairstyle ,roundface and small eyes.
so let that be,the first thing coming to tokyo u realize ,u r an illeterate,a gawaar as they say in hindi.Coz u dnt KNowthe language and the languages u know japnese dnt care for it.English is something thats now picking up here.The most common and only words of English O K and GOOD.
So i picked some Language books and stuck to japnese TV hours together to know the lingo.T V programs were fun to watch,i wud have a dictionary within my reach to check for the meaning.watched daily soaps and slowly began to like them.I'l be going in detail about my experiences as a housewife in my future mails.

hi ,
this is the photo of chudi arranged for the chudi pooja in shravan,that was last month.lovely na.

konnichi wa

konnichi wa,
thats the way trhey greet each other in japan.have a good day.
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