Tuesday, January 22, 2008

capsicum masala

Capsicum masala

Its been a long time since i posted any recipes now .As i am from karnataka and have a taste for akki roti its been a part of my breakfast back home.Amma makes a variety of curries to go withit,or else a variety of chutnies.i like the huchellu chutney the most of it.Well as i cud not get it here in japan,i make curries to go with it.One of the curries is here.capsicum has a different opinion from many people.I add it to most of my gravies coz i like it and its got the goodness of fibres with it.

capsicum -2 big(i used red bell pepper here)


mustard and jeera for seasoning both 1/4 sp

curry leaves-as much u like

green peas (fresh)-1/2 cup

haldi - apinch

redchillipowder-1/2 tsp

olive oil-for sesoning

ginger garlic paste

garam masala -1/4 tsp

dhania powder-1/2 tsp

coconut fresh or frozen optional for garnishing


Heat oil in kadai,add the mustard jeera and curry leaves for seasoning.

add onion saute well.add a pinch of haldi .

add all the powders.saute again.

add ginger garlic paste.fry till raw smell fades.

chop capsicum into squares and add to the kadai.saute well .

add the fresh peas,cover and cook .check in between and add water if required.

add salt and cook for few more minutes.finally add coconut saute and turn the gas off.

serve hot with hot akki rotti.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dipavali specials

Shevo(Om pudi),chakkuli(chakli), carrot halvo(carrot halva)

yellow chrysanthumums (shavnthe)from mother nature

I know its high time after dipavali ,christmas and new year.Thanks to my timing i am posting quite late ,but what matters to me most is that i post it rather than keeping it under covers.
so here i am posting some diapvali snacks that i made with all my than man dhan..
i really mean all the three ..i was damn tired once i finished making all this...iodex zindabad..exaggeratign right hmmmmmmmm.
rememberd amma making it in huge aluminum dabbi's .i remember me and my sister counting chaklis like 60 ..70..100 .with all my time and effort i cud make 45.Was all happy to share it with two very close indian friends" P "and "S" and a close japnese friend "M". my two friends liked it.my japnese friend was all happy to take home some for her two sons.

Thanks "P" for ur chakli press and all the cheers.