Friday, April 11, 2008


BIBBE UPKARI (Raw cahewnut dry curry)

Bibbo means raw cashewnut in konkani.We call it "kajubi" for cahewnut.And the name kaju is derived from portuguese,as they called cashewnut tree caju.
This piece of information was from amma.Tendle bibbe upkari(tindora and raw cahsew) is a must in all konkani ceremonies.and i was bored of eating it in childhood.somehow i did not like the combinaiton and would wonder why people like it so much. and that was only thing leftout on my leaf whenever i attended these i would much prefer a buffet lunch so that i would not have to waste food (as my list of nolikings goes on).
Somehow coming to college i began liking it.Amma would get few packs from mangalore and store it in fridge.And she gave me a pack when i visited india,me too stashed it in the fridge.My hubby dear remind me evreytime and i would i will prepare.I dont get tindora here in tokyo so i browsed through some blogs and found out capsicum added in small amount along with potato would be nice.hence i followed the same.

here is the recipe

Bibbo-100 g

capsicum-2 small, chopped into thin long strips

potato-1 chopped into thin long sritps

mustard seeds-1/2 tsp



hing (asafoetida)-a pinch

coconut scraped finely

salt -as per taste

olive oil for seasoning(konkanis prefer coconut oil )

Soak the raw cashewnuts in warm water fro 8 hours ,previous night soaking does this .Peel the skin ,divide them and put them in fresh water ,be careful as the stains make fingers black a lil bit of cocnut oil rubbed on ur fingers will help.put them in fresh water and clean twice.

If u get frozen raw peeled cashews then u can directly start to cook.


Heat oil for seasoning.Add mustard when it splutters add cumin seeds ,asafoetida.

Then add the chillis.saute.add potato,stir once then add capsicum.stir again.let it cook for a minute.then add the cashewnuts.close lid and cook till done.add salt and stironce not overcook.when done u can add fresh grated coconut for garnishing.

It is served with rice and dal.The best it is with puris.Konkani style :-).

Using a small pressure cooker can make this dish more yummy.Just one whistle and the curry is done.