Saturday, November 10, 2007

kharjoor laddu

Dont they look yummy.I had a pack of fresh dates ,in my fridge from a long time.The reason i got it was to keep my overactive son's energy levels satisfied.We used to eat a lot of kharjoor when kids.Mom would heat a whole big tablespoon of ghee in a pan and add karjoor to it,saute for about two to three minutes,and serve it.we would wait eagerly for the hot crispy dates.well the case here was a bit son nibbled a bit and put his little tongue out .Pointing me to take out the not so good stuff i finally thought of searching for recipes using fresh dates.I got one tried it and it was a big hit.
Fresh dates-1 cup 0r 25 chopped.
sugar -1/2 cup
dry fruits i used- almonds,walnuts and cashewnuts.or any nuts of ur choice-all summing abt 1/4 cup all together.
poppy seeds-2 big spoons
rice puffs-1 cup
coconut powder-1 spoon ,just for rolling laddoos.
butter-50 g
cinnamon powder
cardamom powder
Arrange the required items near ur stove.Take a thick bottomed pan.Heat the butter .As the butter melts add chopped dates to it.let it cook for two add sugarto it.when it starts to have bubbles stir it finely so the dates are turn into paste.add all the dry nuts.mix add the poopy seeds.mix it again.switch off the stove and add the puffed rice ot it.mix it well.and when it cools a bit make small balls of it.roll them in dry coconut powder.And they ready to be eaten.U can store them for a week or so.
And this just went in my son's mouth without much effort.He asked them daily till they were no more left.