Saturday, September 02, 2006


Our flight landed narita airport on a wintery evening of tokyo.a new place ,new country we boarded the airport limousine,to tread a 2 hour journey to our destination,nakano-tokyo. got settled and slowly began to explore this wonderplace called tokyo.
To begin everything here was ,to put in my words " wierd".The way people bow,their fashion sense,the way the young crowd dresses and theirhairstyle ofcourse,.i'l post every detai as i remember.
Now a bit of flashback:I have memories of japan thru a serial aired on DD long time back named "Oshin" ,i dont know how many remember that serial,but i remember it very well as i was named oshin by my maam,and other close ones for the hairstyle ,roundface and small eyes.
so let that be,the first thing coming to tokyo u realize ,u r an illeterate,a gawaar as they say in hindi.Coz u dnt KNowthe language and the languages u know japnese dnt care for it.English is something thats now picking up here.The most common and only words of English O K and GOOD.
So i picked some Language books and stuck to japnese TV hours together to know the lingo.T V programs were fun to watch,i wud have a dictionary within my reach to check for the meaning.watched daily soaps and slowly began to like them.I'l be going in detail about my experiences as a housewife in my future mails.

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  1. beautiful choodi and great idea...i can also think abt it next year..........


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