Wednesday, October 04, 2006

old time

Yes old times. I hated going to school especially after holidays and growing i came to know everybody felt the same.i didnt know any cooking then but wud watch amma cooking.
amma is a superb cook she keeps inventing new dishes and none of them are failures.
my case is if i start to invent i cook something that cannot be forgotten,yes u wud phewk just thinking of frends at school wud grab my tiffin to see wat was amma's today always i wud get my tiffin half empty.even the normal rulav(upma)wud be superb .thats how it became my favourite.i still don't know how to make that tasty rulav till date.i remember frenz dropping by and amma preparing delicious yummy snacks in a jiffy.kudos to her innovative partof her brain.

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  1. Mamta, pls do let me know if rulao making is still a challenge--i can mail u the recipe n exact procedure which i have mastered now! my hub n my kids relish on it--i was in same place as u for upma 3 years ago!


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