Sunday, May 13, 2007

keerla upkari

Keerla Upkari

Its kirla season here in japan.its called "takenoko"in japanese,"bamboo shoot" in english,"keerlu" in i got them and made a whole lot of dishes with them.konkanis use it to make sanna polo(spicy dosa),kirla nonche(pickle),curry and gravies.i managed to make some like this upkari and one pickle.

all u need is one smal bamboo shoot,with the outer leaves removed,chopped finely and soaked in water for 12 hours .change the water every 4 hours.this u remove the hardness or whatever rawness it has.
the bamboo shoot is ready.other option is to give it a boil with salt and disrad the water my japnese frends do it.anyway is fine.

things u need:
bamboo shoot
oil -for seasoning
mustard -1/4 tsp
coconut scraped-2 sp(frozen or fresh)
tamarind -little
curry leaves-few
salt as per ur taste

grind greenchilli,coconut and tamrind to coarse paste.
heat oil in pan ,add mustard,curry leaves for seasoning.add chopped bamboo shoot.saute
for a minute and add the paste to it.add salt and cook till bamboo is soft.
serve it hot with rice and dal.

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  1. Hey, gud recipe kattha.
    It's easy to prepare too.



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