Saturday, May 10, 2008


KOMATSUNA PATHRODE (Using Japanese mustard leaves)

Pathrode is a konkani dish made from taro leaves.7 to 10 leaves are used to make a roll and cut into spirals.They can be steamed or fried.A delicacy during rainy season and a hot favorite of konkanis.I never got my hands on taro leaves in tokyo ,though taro roots are abundant in stores.

Might be available in the suburbs but didnt find any recipes from japanese frineds.
So once my friend got me a bunch of field grown komatsuna(Japanese mustard leaves)when they visited a village far from tokyo.
And they were pretty huge than the normal ones.Seeing the width of the leaves i thought why not give a try and make some pathrodes out of them.
And i made them .They were delicious.
Here is the recipe.
Komatsuna leaves(deiscard the stem) -10(Wash and pat dry )
rice -1/2 cup
mungdal(split green gram)-1/2 cup
red chillis-10
tamarind-small marble sized
salt-1 tsp
asafoetida-a pinch
turmeric-a pinch
coconut-1 tablespoon(fresh or dessicated)

Wash rice and mungdal.Soak it in water for 3 hours.
Dry roast red chillis in a pan on a sim flame fro 2 minutes.turn off..
Grind it with rice ,mungdal,coconut,asafoetida and red chillis to a not so smooth paste.
Take one leaf preferably largest of all the leaves,spread it on a clean surface,(i used a foil),such that the vein part is upside.
The front of the leaf,the smooth side should be on the foil.
now take a spoonfull of the paste and spread it all over the leaf in a thin layer.
place another leaf over it.
Spread another spoonfull of paste over the second leaf.Continue with all the leaves.
When done,roll it from one end like we roll a carpet.
Steam it for 15 minutes in a pressure cooker or a steel steamer.
Remove and cut into spirals of ur choice.

They can be consumed as a side dish with rice and dal.

Further they can be pan roasted too.Roll them in ric flour andpan roast with a teaspoon of olive oil (coconut oil in case you used taro leaves)drizzled over them.
They tasted well, even though they were not the original with taro leaves.
The same recipe stands for Taro leaves and colocassia leaves.


  1. Hi,
    Its good to see that you have written about pathrode ..

    but i don't agree that its a konkani dish.rather its a favourite DISH of south Kanara .

    Even i am South kanara.My mom prepares "top class" pathrode .

  2. hi shiva,
    thanks for reading my blog and giving your bit of information on pathrode.
    wil be looking forward for ur mom's recipe too..


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