Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Its been quite a while updating my blog .
A long vacation to india has got me back all recharged .
I had been wanting to post this simple ,awesome healthy low cal recipe for a long time.
Coming to tokyo we began to explore the various platters served from various countries.
We began to get more liking for restaurant food which were non indian.
The indian restaurants though are too many here ,lacked the taste what we used to have back home in india.
And we began to incline more towards thai ,mexiacan and japanese food.
And once when we visited the mexican resataurant few years back the appetizer named Guacamole was the one suggested by the steward.
And it looked strange when it arrived on the table ,as it was accompanied with a mortar and pestle .
The whole idea of preparing the dip there on the table fascinated me.
It was splendid for a spicy yet irresistable start for the menu .
I gave it a try making at home,so this is how i make it.
I make it at home with fork though.
The main ingredient ,avocado preferably ripe makes this dip perfect.
here's the ingredients
Ripe avocado-1
Ripe red chilli (or green chilli) chopped-2
Red onion -finely chopped-1 tbsp
Tomato-finely chopped-1 tbsp
Lemon wedges of half lemon
Sea salt`or coarse salt-as per taste
Tortilla chips-20 -(here i used store bought plain torltilla chips)
cilantro -for garnishing
Scoop the avocado after removing the seed,and put in a bowl.
Add salt ,chillis,and lemon juice.mash it well with a fork.
You can add the chopped onions to the same ,but i prefer it on top
of the chips.
Arrange it with a bowl of chopped onion and tomatoes and cilantro.
Serve it with a plate of tortilla chips.Or arrange it as shown above in the picture.


  1. Its so simple to make at home, isnt it?

  2. hey thanks for stopping by and adding ur comment,
    Ya indeed it is quick,tasty and easy.


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