Friday, July 27, 2007

It happens only in Japan.

I picked this topic as most of my friends began forwarding a mail showing some pics about japan.wierd i mean.That mail would be for fun.i liked the heading so just did COPY PASTE.

There are really certain things that happen only in japan and they are endless i feel.

The best is cleanliness.mannerisms,preserving public property,carrying a friendly face.and ofcourse following the rules.

yes they stand in queue wherever necessary.they dnt pick fights in the middle of the street.they dont spit wherever they like.and its more secure.if u forget anything of value by chance in a park one evening ,u find it there untouched till next evening.i hope that happens only in japan.vendors always welcome u with "irrashaimase"thats wat they say to welcome for every customer and thank you ,every time .they do it from morning till night.thay carry a smile on their face allthe time.that happens only in japan.


  1. It was interesting to read the post about Japan. Who would not want to live in a place like that :)

  2. yes sia ,ofcourse we love to stay here.thanks for ur comment.


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