Friday, August 17, 2007



Its peak summer in tokyo now.And we are bored with regular food stuff.sunday i made a simple pizza and it was yummy.well as i had got pizza base almost 2 days early ,i didnt do shopping fo rhte required toppings.lazy summer u see.i just used the frozen stuff for toppings.the pizza sauce was the real hero as it made the pizza real hit.i did it on Tava as i found it easier than the oven.and the crust became real's wat all u need to make this simple recipe.

Pizza base-1
Any topppings of ur choice.
chopped onion,peas,corn,olives,sauteed panir chunks,bell peppers etc.
mozarella cheese-200 g

For the sauce
Ripe tomato-1 pureed
tomato sauce-1/4 th cup
green chilli-1
oregano-a pinch
garlic flakes - 4 chopped
onion-1 small finely chopped
olive oil -1 tbsp
butter-1 tsp

For this u need a flat fry that the pizza base can be put in and removed easliy.not too deep also.
here's the method fro the sauce,

Heat olive oil in a pan.add it melts add garlic flakes.saute till raw smell goes.add green chilli ,add finely chopped onions.fry till transparent.add pureed tomato.saute.add tomato sauce,mix well and let it cook fro 3 minutes.till the sauce thickens .add oregano.mix well.remove and keep in a jar.u can make it more in volume and refrigerate for a week.

Now that the sauce is ready.take the pizza base,apply the sauce all over the base.spread peas ,corns over take handfull of cheese and put it all over the base.spread the toppings again,if u want.
keep the pan for making pizza on the stove.keep the flame mild.drizzle a teaspoonfull of olive oil inside the pan.spread it .slowly lay the pizza base over it.cover it with a not disturb for 3 min.check if its ,all the cheese should melt like in the pic.wola veggie pizza is ready .


  1. Hi!!!Had a real great time reading your blog. I don kno much of the cooking stuffs...but i am a complete foodie :) & loved to see all your amchi foodstuffs.

    After reading your blog i feel i should try out some of your recipe's.

    cheers to you!!! :)

  2. hey shilpa,
    thanks a ton for reading my blog.sorry if i am replying sooo late.was really waiting long for a comment from someone...
    thanx again.will post new ones soon.


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