Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dipavali specials

Shevo(Om pudi),chakkuli(chakli), carrot halvo(carrot halva)

yellow chrysanthumums (shavnthe)from mother nature

I know its high time after dipavali ,christmas and new year.Thanks to my timing i am posting quite late ,but what matters to me most is that i post it rather than keeping it under covers.
so here i am posting some diapvali snacks that i made with all my than man dhan..
i really mean all the three ..i was damn tired once i finished making all this...iodex zindabad..exaggeratign right hmmmmmmmm.
rememberd amma making it in huge aluminum dabbi's .i remember me and my sister counting chaklis like 60 ..70..100 .with all my time and effort i cud make 45.Was all happy to share it with two very close indian friends" P "and "S" and a close japnese friend "M". my two friends liked it.my japnese friend was all happy to take home some for her two sons.

Thanks "P" for ur chakli press and all the cheers.

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