Monday, February 25, 2008

GYOZA--Japanese dumplings


I had first tasted gyoza in bangalore's chinese restaurant (forgot the name)and was just bowled by the taste it had and ofcourse wondered how they made the outer layer so thin yet crispy...

After coming to tokyo my hubby got veg gyoza's from a restaurant closeby.Though it was tasty yet it lacked the spice level which we had back in bangalore.After searching verious recipes over net .By making trial and errors i asked my friend "P".She told me an easy method ,and i just added it up all to get the end result.And here it was an easy way of making yummilicious japanese inspired indianised gyozas with a filling which even my son finishes without much effort.

There are two recipes for the gyoza dough and the filling.I just buy the readymade gyoza covers and prepare the filling at home.

These are the ingredients for the filling

Cabbage-grated finely half cup
green onion-finely chopped half cup
carrot-grated or finely chopped 1 small
greenpeas-2 tablespoon
tofu -crumbled 1/4 cup
ginger garlic paste -1tsp
pepperpowder-1/4 tsp
salt 1/2 tsp
jeera-1/4 tsp
sesame oil-1/2 tbsp
soy sauce-1tsp
and not to forget
Shop bought Gyoza covers-20


grate cabbage ,finely chop onions ,carrots.crumble tofu
crush greenchilli
Heat a pan ,add 2 teaspoon sesame oil to it.add jeera .when it changes color add the cabbage onion s to it.
then add ginger galric and greenchilli.saute well .
add finely chopped carrots,green peas,crumbled tofu.

add little salt as soy sauce is added and pepper .soy sauce saute well .
till it becomes dry and soft.keep it to cool.

Now to make the gyoza:

Hold the gyoza cover in ur palm ,put a teaspoonful of filling iionto it.
Moisten half the circle with water,close the other end over it.make fringes with ur fingersas we do .make 8 gyozas same way.
Then the cooking part,its called MUSHIYAKI.(baking food in covered pan).
take a shallow frypan.drizzle it with sesame oil.heat it and place th egyozas neatly onit.
when it starts sizzling add water til the gyozas are half immersed.
turn the flame high and place a transparent lid to know the water is reduced.remove lid after two minutes and wait till all water evaporates.
remove the gyoza by inverting the pan over the plate.
serve it dippin sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar 1 tablespoon each.

You can try a variety of fillings .maybe skipping all the veggeis and sticking to cabbage and onion ,u can add prawns too.filling of ur choice.


  1. That looks beautiful! Gyozo covers - looks like wonton wrappers we get here.

  2. thank you vani.yes they might be wonton papers,not sure .u can try and tell me so that i can update likewise.

  3. Hi mamta luks yum... i m sure to try this soon :)

  4. hey mahima,
    do let me know how it turns out.


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