Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Yes finally i made it.Burfis are something that i am not good at.I have been trying to make a perfect burfi from a long time ,and everytime i end up with pieces that are very tasty but cannot be passed as burfis.It takes place somewhere between duddali and burfi.Either too soft or hard and chewy ,u keep licking the stuff like son loves that way so that he can hold it for a long sweet tooth runs in the family finishing it off has been no problem for me.Hubby says" no probs its sweet right!".

Hmm..Amma told me keep trying it and u will make it perfect one day...and so did my freinds here.They got used to this varieties i make called burfis...and one day i make it .yippeee..

Yummy and easy coconut burfis were a bit chewy as i had added milk and the constant stirring had made it like khowa.But they were

here is the recipe

coconut milk -200 ml

milk -200 ml

sugar-100 g

ghee-2 tbsp

cardamom powder

I used tinned coconut milk here ,could not make much difference with the original burfi.


Arrange all the required ingredients near stove.Grease a deep dish plate with ghee .

Heat a kadai .add both the liquids .add sugar and keep stirring continuosly till the water evaporates and it forms into a lump in the center of the took me about 20to 30 minutes on medium heat.take care not to char it .the mixture changes color from white to cream .

add ghee on top mix once and switch off.transfer it to the greased plate.flatten it with a rolling pin.cut once it comes to managable it .And its ready to be hogged.

My hubby and son loved it.I am gonna try again with other burfis and yes and post them too.


  1. Hi Mamtha,

    I am prathiba from indian food court. Iliked ur recipe of Coconut burfi. I too have put up but this looks yummy, will give a try to it. Bye for now.

  2. Thanks prathiba for ur coment.Do tell me how it turns out.

  3. Hi Mamatha,

    Today i tried this recipe. It came out very well. I did it using fresh coconut milk so aroma and taste was delicious. My hubby liked it lot and will plan to do again on house warming ceremony. I have not heard it before or not tasted before. This is the nice one and burfis are in perfect shape. I thought i will store but its finished!!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Keep sending such recipes.

  4. hi suchitra,
    really happy to know u liked it.surely wil post more recipes,thanks for ur feedback.


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