Friday, March 28, 2008


Describing tokyo to someone who has never been here is really difficult.when someone asks how is it ?i just cant find words.what i like about it so much cannot be given with a word.I began to like it slowly and began to fall in love with it.

The most important part is i began to appreciate nature and its beauty.without makeup...

The seasons here make it more special and also the way the people treat the seasons.
Be it fall or spring they love to go with their families to huge parks which adorn tokyo.

Spring is a season they look forward fro the cherry blossoms (SAKURA) to bloom.They go to view them and they call it HANAMI(HANA=flower ,MI=see)in japanese.People here make it a point to have their lunches packed ,and sit below the widely spread blooms and enjoy the lunch or dinner underneath.First time i felt this strange, imagine we going and sitting below mayflower tree and having lunch backhome....

But now its a part of our life ,we like all others waited the flowers to bloom ,had our picnic baskets packed ,searched for a place in the crowd where we could spread our sheet and had the delight of sharing the happiness of the season.


  1. lovely pics of sakura i love those flowers..

  2. I have heard a lot about Tokyo, never been there. no doubt it must be a great place for spending ur holidays.looking at the pictures i can imagine how the place would be.. :)
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Spring already started there, nice. Heard a lot about tokya. Pic is amazing. Those are some lovely flowers. I love spring flowers, you can admire the beauty of the colors of each flowers. Have a good time. enjoi your spring. :-)

  4. Wonderful pic, The spring shot is awesome.

  5. Hey thanks everyone .Yes we are having a great time with these cherry blossoms around.

  6. Sakura looks good. Recently saw them on Sia's blog too. and the idea of having lunch underneath the tree sounds wonderfull. Enjoy your time.


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